Hi Friends!

A question we often get asked is - what is a foal? Actually, let's first take a quick step back and make sure we're pronouncing it properly. Here's the easiest way to think about it - foal rhymes with coal. It's not pronounced fowl (which would rhyme with towel) and no, that's not correct. So, why did we call our cozy, little pub, The Foal Village Pub? A foal is the proper name for a baby horse. Not a pony? Nope, not a pony. A foal.


After working in the bar and restaurant service industry for over 30 years, we decided to take a leap and open our own pub - it's our "baby." 


From the time we opened our doors in 2017, we have dedicated ourselves to nurturing an atmosphere that is warm, inviting and comforting. This is our second home. We consider our patrons extended family. 


We are so excited to be the only establishment in Orangeville to offer traditional British pub fare. We've been told repeatedly that our

fish 'n chips is the best in town! 

We really hope you enjoy our family-friendly pub. It is a reflection of our family values - strong, hard-working and fun!

Your hosts,

Tracey and Eric Baird,

and our son Griffin (who will always be our "baby")

The Foal Pub Logo.jpg


We designed The Foal Village Pub to be a cozy, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for tourists and locals alike. We like to think of ourselves as the Orangeville version of Rover's Return #coronationstreet. Do you like to people watch? Have a seat in one of our velvet-tuffted booths and and have a bird's eye view of the fun that takes place on Broadway Ave. with our wall of street-facing windows. Are you having a bad day? Come in and pull up a seat at the bar and chat with our friendly and humourous staff. Do you want a history lesson? Come in and take a gander at the pictures that adorn our walls - you can learn about the origins of Orangeville, the history of pub life in Britain and, of course, anything you want to know about horses and equestrian life. Come in for a visit - we can almost guarantee that you will return again and again.